KRONE tent semi-trailers from German manufacturers are one of the most popular in Europe. The semi-trailers of this manufacturer are characterized by a stable chassis adapted to various types of roads. KRONE semi-trailers have lasting value, not only because of the well-known name, but also because of the high-quality and durable materials used in production. Easy, certified KRONE Multi Safe System safe loading is another exclusivity of the manufacturer. Yokorent rental semi-trailers are manufactured in 2022, therefore smooth cargo transportation can be ensured.

  • confirmed New
  • confirmed Total weight 36 tons
  • confirmed Model SDP
  • confirmed Loading capacity 27,000 kg
  • confirmed Total weight 36 tons
  • confirmed Operated in Europe
  • confirmed Year of production 2023

The company KRONE, which has been operating for more than 100 years, is characterized by high-quality, time-tested and innovative solutions. KRONE semi-trailers are robust and practical. All components used for semi-trailers are produced in KRONE and have identification numbers, thereore it is easier to get spare parts when solving technical problems.

KRONE semi-trailers are painted using the cathodic dip method and then powder coated. This ensures greater resistance to pebble impacts and environmental factors.
KRONE awning semi-trailers are economy and quality at an attractive price. You can find out more information about rented KRONE tent semi-trailers, rental conditions, terms, prices and options by submitting a request or by contacting the specified phone number,